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This is a small sampling of success stories

To find more success stories about babies born at 22 weeks of gestation go to facebook or instagram and search "22 matters" to see the amazing compilation of families they have found.

22 wk Success Stories: About

22w6d Ayden

Ayden is an ivf baby and a tac baby due to previous losses I decided to get the tac to give me a better chance at delivering a full term...

22w5d Avereigh

My wife and I did IVF it was our 4th attempt( we originally did IUI the previous 3 times). My wife was told that her cervix was...

22w0d Xena-Faye

News article here At 1lb1oz Xena-Faye made a grand entrance on March 4th, 4 months and 4 days before her due date. Xena_Faye's mom and...

22w5d Twins Jesse & Scarlett

At 22 weeks and 5 days, I started vomiting and was unable to hold anything down. We went to the ER, and the on-call OB had me tested for...

22w2d Twins Luna & Ema

Luna & Ema's Facebook group The Twenty Two Foundation (from Courtney, site manager: Luna & Ema's mother post regularly and is very open...

22w1d Twins Keeley and Kambry

Keeley & Kambry's Facebook Page Keeley weighed 490 grams/1 lb at birth and was 11.5” in length Kambry weighed 379 grams/13.4 oz at birth...

22w0d Izzabella's Journey

Izzabella's Facebook Page While pregnant with Izzabella at 21 weeks exact I had a bulging bag and dialated to a 5 and the hospital that...

22w4d Lakyn

Born at 22w4d after being on hospital bed rest for 6 days and fighting with the staff to resuscitate her if she came, she was given 0%...

22w2d Percival the Micro Preemie

Percival's Facebook Page After many years of trying, Colin and his wife Courtney finally got pregnant. Her health risk was severe and...

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