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Medical Publication Information 

Medical Professionals please use the navigation above to go directly to the topic of interest regarding 22 week gestation neonates.

non-medical personal please read below first to better understand the information published.

Medical Publications: Text

Medical Publication Information

For non-medical professionals please read the information below before diving into the published studies and data.


Be aware not only when the material was published, but also when the data was collected. 
2002 may seem like relevant but that is almost 20 years ago. Medical advancements happen every day. New data is always comming.


Refers to having a disease or a symptom of disease, or to the amount of disease within a population. Morbidity also refers to medical problems caused by a treatment.

Major morbidity 

major neonatal morbidity examples: intraventricular hemorrhage grade 3-4, cystic periventricular leukomalacia, necrotizing enterocolitis, retinopathy of prematurity stage 3-5, or severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Some of these can be life threatening, some just affect quality of life. They can range from physical to mental handicaps. Many publications will give statistics based off "survival with/without major morbidity"

Medical Publications: List
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