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22w2d Percival the Micro Preemie

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

After many years of trying, Colin and his wife Courtney finally got pregnant. Her health risk was severe and after many scares, both parents were sent to live in Anchorage, with Courtney on bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy, at only 4+ months. They were sent to then Fisher House in Anchorage and Colin appointed her sole care giver.

   Due to an infection, Percival Francis Cunat Spencer, entered this word on sunday January 13th via emergency "T shaped" C Section. At 22 weeks 2 days he weighed 1 lb 3 oz and had a blood infection. He was born in his "bags of water", and so was as genital a delivery as possible for him.

During his 169 day NICU stay Percival had 12 blood transfusions, PDA ligation, and ROP eye surgery to correct ROP stage 2 zone 2 that was extremely fast moving. Percival has NO NEC, NO hurnieas, NO brain bleeds. He was released from the NICU with a clear/normal MRI.

He came home at 1/2L low flow oxygen and full bottle feeds. Currently he is 6 months adjusted and on 1/4L low flow, no medications and has been evaluated by Boston Children's neonatology follow up as fully meting milestones for his adjusted age.

His long term morbidity will be the loss of far peripheral vision from ROP (but has normal central to mid-peripheral vision) and BPD, (Bronchopulmonary dysplasia) currently requiring oxygen therapies.

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