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22w0d Izzabella's Journey

While pregnant with Izzabella at 21 weeks exact I had a bulging bag and dialated to a 5 and the hospital that My husband and I went to just made me wait 2.5 hours for the on call Midwife to come in to check me. She then got there and checked me and told me that I needed to prepare to lose my little Girl.

They transferred me to another hospital where they tried to do a rescue stitch in my cervix to try to keep me pregnant longer. Unfortunately when they went to do that the broke the outside of my bag and punctured the inside layer.( I didn't know there was 2 layers) after that they took me back to labor and delivery where they told me what happened and that the dr would be in to talk to me.

When he came in he sat down and told me that he was almost sure I would deliver in the next 48 hours. He then told me that he thought instead of waiting that if I wanted them to take her. By that point I wanted to hit him. After 48 hours of no labor and her heart being strong they sent me home and said come back If i made it to 23 weeks, so at this point I was 21 and 2 days.

I was on bed rest until 21 and 6 I started to have sharp pains in my back and feared the worst. We went to another hospital and they told me I was in labor and they needed to get me to another hospital cause they dont take babies before 30 weeks. A hour drive in a ambulance she was born in the hall way of the hospital where they call a code and all available drs and nurses came flying to us.

She was born at 1:17 am and the drs intubated her right away but wasn't bagging her I got to see her for like 2 secs and the rushed her away. Because she was born after midnight she was 22 &0 weeks making her the youngest born and survived at that hospital. THE DOCTORS AND NURSES NEVER ONCE TOLD ME SHE WOULD NEVER MAKE IT! OR DID THEY TELL ME TO PREPARE FOR HER DEATH!

They did tell me that she would feel everything that they had to do to her and that it would effect her stats a little bit . She spent 130 days in the nicu had pda ,rop,asd,bpd ,and a few infections threw those days.

Please if you want to know more ask dont make assumptions about something unless you have lived threw it.

Please share to spread the word that 22 weekers can thrive and can feel things!

Izzabella today!

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