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22w1d Twins Keeley and Kambry

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Keeley weighed 490 grams/1 lb at birth and was 11.5” in length Kambry weighed 379 grams/13.4 oz at birth and 11” in length

The twins are Mono/Di aka Identical Twins who were diagnosed with TTTS at 16 weeks in utero who had a successful corrective surgery at 18 weeks in utero. Born 4 weeks later at 22 weeks 1 day ... the twins are the youngest born surviving twins ever born at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital & confirmed with Guinness Book Of World Records for the world’s youngest born and surviving. The girls came home after 138/144 days in the NICU on 1.5 liters of oxygen each & are still on it today. Keeley first weened her oxygen to 1 liter on 10-29-19. They came home doing bottle feedings and daily mediations for their lungs.

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