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22w2d Twins Luna & Ema

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

(from Courtney, site manager: Luna & Ema's mother post regularly and is very open about their journey. Below is the post she did about a appointment. I felt this was important to share)

Day 420 | Developmental Update

Luna - 16lb 6oz 25” tall Ema - 18lb 16oz 27” tall

I’m going to be honest, I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to share the twins results from their appointment today. The reason I am sharing is because I believe it brings awareness to 22 weekers and what they are CAPABLE of. When I was in labour for the twins I was told horrendous things about my children. We were told they would basically be vegetables in wheelchairs who wouldn’t walk, talk, eat, etc. We were told we would spend our lives taking care of them. And I am going to be very clear here, I was ready to be the mother my daughters needed. If that was wheelchair bound, I was ready. If that was up and running, I was ready. These were my children, a gift God hand knitted together in my womb and they would come just the way He wanted them to come.

When I walk into these appointments my PTSD really flares up. I hear those Drs echoing in my ears basically telling me my daughters weren’t worth living and if they did I was selfish for allowing it. It’s hard watching your children be evaluated, quizzed and tested. It seems unnatural but I know it is CRITICAL we follow the girls development to make sure they are set up for success.

Luna - born at 22 weeks and 2 days, 18 weeks premature, weighting 14oz. Luna was without water in the birth canal for 4 days. There was pressure on her small body and head. When she was born, she came out crying and for the first 2 days of life she would fight her ventilator trying to breathe on her own. I knew then I was raising a fierce little girl. Today Luna scored between the 75th-100 percentile for development. Meaning, at 9.5m adjusted she is more advanced then 75-100% of her peers. Her Drs put her at a 11.5 month level. Luna is crawling, pulling to stand, walking with a push walker and starting to cruise furniture. Her Drs believe she’ll walk by Christmas and she’ll only be 11m (adjusted)

Ema Rose - born at 22 weeks and 2 days weighing 1lb. Ema rocked the NICU in ways a tiny baby shouldn’t rock it. She had my moms strong personality from the beginning and I often felt like she would say “focus on Luna mama, I’m ok!” Today Ema scored 55th percentile for development. Meaning at 9.5 months she is EXACTLY where she needs to be. Ema is army crawling everywhere but her favour thing to do is socialize. Ema scored 11.5 months for verbal development. She can say 4 words and loves to chat it up.

Luna and Ema are both strong in different areas. Luna motor, Ema verbal. They are individuals and it shows every day in who they are.

The fact that the girls are doing so incredibly well in development is just the icing on the cake. The simple fact that they were able to survive when everyone counted them out is already amazing.

A baby born at 22 weeks CAN NOT ONLY SURVIVE, they CAN THRIVE!

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